Why you need a portfolio website

Here are my top 5 reasons why you need to build a portfolio website now:

1) Be Seen: Others in your industry want to see the work you’ve done, they want to get inspired. If you don’t put your work out there then nobody can see your work or ideas. More important, potential clients and employers can’t see your work.

2) Be Heard: In addition to your portfolio items on your website, it’s a great idea to keep up in your industry. Putting your ideas and thoughts about industry trends out there with a blog is the best way to stay current and prove you’re an innovator and can solve the most complex problems.

3) Innovate: By putting your ideas down on the web you’re documenting them for retrieval by yourself and others. This not only allows you to retrieve those ideas later to help you work on your current project or stay focused, now others can see your ideas and add valuable insights too. Your project or idea becomes infinitely more powerful as more people see it and more are thinking about it.

4) Protect Yourself: The job market today is tricky to maneuver. There’s no such thing as a job for life so you need to prepare yourself. It may feel like you’re on top of your game in your organization and doing great work, but you never know when things will shift internally.

If you’ve prepared by securing rights to some of your work (all you have to do is ask!) and put them together into a portfolio website then you’re prepared to start job hunting right away. Just as it’s important to always keep your résumé/CV updated regularly, you should keep a well-maintained portfolio website that shows (not just tells!) all your latest accomplishments.

Set aside a few hours a month to organize and edit a project to show on your portfolio. It doesn’t take very long and the security it creates for your career is priceless. If you don’t have a tangible object to put on a portfolio website, start a blog documenting your ideas and work beliefs.

5) Learn: Learning a new task seems overwhelming with all the new information coming at you. With a blog you’ll be a more powerful and self-directed learner because you can keep track of what you’re learning and better reflect. Your learning can become a searchable thing if you write and reflect in your blog. No longer do you have to rely on memory or hope you learned it well enough.

As long as you take the few minutes to document your learning it will all be searchable right in your blog.

Credits to : Nick Leffler Check him out at https://www.exprance.com

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Customer Reviews

Rachel Hamandishe 06-06-20

Excellent service!!! 🙂

Lasthope Goredema 06-06-20

You are competent and reliable . Now that’s what I call fine job. Keep up the good work Amo Nigel 👌🏼..

David McAllister 04-06-20

Nigel is really proactive and full of drive. Good work and keep it up!